Bow Sights: Sighting In A Bow

Need help sighting in a bow? I will teach you how to do it quickly and easily. Let’s get to shooting and start sighting in your bow sight.

First thing you need to do is head to your local archery range so you can start sighting in a bow. Depending on what type of sight you have, you may need to bring an allen wrench along to help with making adjustments on your sight.

If this is your first time sighting in a bow or shooting a bow, I would recommend shooting at a very close distance (5-10yds) until you’re comfortable shooting the bow and to make sure you’re actually hitting the target. Once you’re comfortable it’s time to step back to 20 yards and starting sighting in your bow and your first (top) pin on your bow sight.

Sighting In A Bow:

Setting up your First Pin:

Shoot at the target, aiming for the bulls-eye with your very top pin. You want to make sure you shoot at least 3 arrows before making any adjustments. Don’t make adjustments based on one arrow. You want to make sure it’s the bow sight that needs adjustment and not you. The rule of thumb on setting up a bow sight is to FOLLOW THE ARROWS. So if your arrows are all hitting to the top and right of the bulls-eye, you’d want to adjust your sight up and to the right.Sighting in a bow miss

If it’s hitting below the bulls eye and to the left, you’d want to adjust your sight down and to the left. When adjusting your sight, you want to make minor adjustments only.  And keep making those adjustments until your arrows are grouping in or around the bulls eye.

Your bow sight will come with windage and elevation adjustments. Windage is your left and right adjustments and Elevation will be your up and down adjustments. (Each sight has their adjustments located at different locations on the sight. Make sure to check your sight’s instructions to locate the windage and elevation adjustment screws.)sighting in a bow elevation adjustmentsighting in a bow windage adjustmentTo adjust the sight you would loosen the allen head screw on your sight and move the sight accordingly. Again, FOLLOW YOUR ARROWS. (If you have a sight with micro-adjustment or tool-less adjustment, loosen up the cap/knob on your sight and make those adjustments and tighten up the cap/knob.) Tighten the allen head screws back up and start shooting again. Once you’re hitting the bulls-eye or your arrows are grouping around the bulls-eye you’re good to go.

sighting in a bow after adjustments


Sighting In A Bow – Sighting In The Rest of Your Pins:

You now have your first pin on your sight sighted in at 20 yards. The next step now is to step back to 30 yards and start shooting groups. Remember to use your 2nd pin now since that will be the pin you’ll use to set up your 30 yard. Repeat the process. Aim for the bull’s eye at 30 yards and make adjustments accordingly.

Your windage (left and right) should be in the correct area now so the only adjustment you should need to make would be on the individual pin itself. If you look at your sight from the side you should see that there are small allen head screws that hold each individual pin in place.

sighting in a bow sight pinsSince you’re adjusting for your 30 yards (which will be your second pin) you want loosen the allen head screw for the second pin and move it up or down depending on where your arrow groups are hitting.


Once you have the 30 yard pin set, it’s time to move back to 40 yards and repeat this process. (If you have more than 3 pins you can continue moving back in 10 yard increments and sight those pins in.) After you have all your sight pins set up, re-check them for accuracy. Go back to 20 yards and confirm that you’re still hitting the bull’s eye.

Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the results.

Thanks for taking your time on reading my article about sighting in a bow. Now that you’re successful at sighting in a bow. Remember to practice, practice, practice! Good luck and happy shooting! May your arrows fly straight and true!

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