Bow Sights: Installing Bow Sight

We all have to install new sights for various reasons. Maybe you’ve just purchased a new bow sight. Maybe you’ve just purchased a new bow and need to install a sight onto it. Whatever the reason may be, I’m going to walk you through on Installing bow sight to your bow.

Installing Bow Sight- How to install/mount the bow sight to your bow:

Your bow sight package will come with all the items needed for your bow sight installation. Installing bow sight 1Your sight should come with a couple mounting holes located on the mounting bracket. (Depending on your bow sight, you may have a few mounting holes available. This gives you the option to either set up the sight closer to the bow riser or further out. As a beginner, I would recommend setting the bow sight somewhere along the middle. So if there were 3 sets of mounting holes on the sight, you would go with the middle option. If that’s not an option then you could choose the mounting holes that would put the bow sight closest to the riser. Once you get more comfortable, you can adjust it farther or closer and play around with it more to see which mounting holes best fits you.)

Installing bow sight to your bow:

Equipped with your bow sight will be 2 allen head screws. On your bow, you will see 2 mounting holes. Line up the hole on your bow riser along with the holes on your sight’s mounting bracket.installing bow sight 2Begin screwing in one of the allen head screws and start tightening it. Make sure not to tighten it all the way down yet.
Installing bow sight onto bow riserNow insert the other allen head screw and beginning screwing it down. Once both allen head screws are snug, you can begin tightening the allen head screws with your allen wrench. Make sure they are snug but not over tightened.

installing bow sight to bow riser 2

Congrats! You have successfully installed your new bow sight to your bow!installing bow sight installed

Now you’re ready to sight in your bow!
installing bow sight complete

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